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Bulk Firewood

Bulk Firewood

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LLAMAWOOD Kiln-Dried Firewood is the perfect firewood delivery for wood-fire enthusiasts searching for a better burn. Kiln-dried for heightened performance. Delivered and stacked directly to your wood pile from an endless supply. Industry-specific experience for any business. Relentless about customer satisfaction. If you aren't 100% happy with your wood, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. Guaranteed.


  • Our standard cut is 16" length
  • Average width and height of 3-4" (10% of wood will be 1-2" for use as kindling)
  • Kiln-dried to 10-20% moisture content
  • Ready to burn
  • Our certification process keeps you in mind every step of the way. The LLAMAWOOD standards apply from when a seller acquires their lumber to the final sale of the firewood. We perform a rigorous inspection on every certified seller to ensure that only the best of the best sellers receive the LLAMAWOOD Certified Seal of approval.

About the wood:

  • We work with local firewood businesses to source premium firewood.
  • Each split is cut to specific dimensions and then baked at 225 degrees for 48 hours in a kiln, exceeding the requirements of the strictest USDA and government regulations.
  • Our mix, oak, cherry, or hickory are perfect for your indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace, fire pit, BBQ smoker, charcoal grill, wood-fired oven, wood-burning stove, and more!
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