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Colombia Diego Bermudez - Whole Bean Coffee

Colombia Diego Bermudez - Whole Bean Coffee

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Diego Bermudez is a producer located in Cauca, a region of Colombia. He is gaining wider recognition within the specialty coffee industry for pioneering experimental processing that involves different fermentations, temperatures, and drying methods.

The coffee is picked, sanitized, and anaerobically fermented in the cherries for 36 hours at 65°F. Instead of traditional anaerobic fermentation tanks, he uses bio reactors, allowing him to be more precise with fermentation temperature, pH, sugar content, and microbial load. The coffee is then pulped, and the skin is used to create the yeast for the second stage of fermentation. This culture medium is added to the de-pulped coffee to ferment anaerobically for 12 more hours at 65°F. Once complete, the coffee is washed with 105°F water to create a thermal shock and then washed again with 40°F water to lock in various flavors from fermentation. Finally, the coffee is dried in dehumidifiers to remove humidity and avoid over-oxidation, halting the fermentation process.

This coffee is exceptionally special and excels with any brew method. It is intensely sweet with notes of strawberry, candy, and rose. Get it while it lasts!

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