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Can a wood pile help you find a wife?

The History

According to Scandinavian folklore, yes, it can. Could this be the original Myers-Briggs Indicator Test? It might just be more accurate.

In his book, Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way Hardcover – Illustrated, October 6, 2015, Lars Mytting shows how a man's character can be exposed just by looking at his (or your) wood pile. The last one, in particular, is our favorite.

Personalities Behind the Piles

Here's what you can tell about a partner, or yourself, just from a woodpile:

  • Upright and solid pile: Upright and solid man
  • Low pile: Cautious man, could be shy or weak
  • Tall pile: Big ambitions, but watch out for sagging and collapse
  • Unusual shape: Freethinking, open spirit, again, the construction may be weak
  • Flamboyant pile, widely visible: Extroverted, but possibly a bluffer
  • A lot of wood: A man of foresight, loyal
  • Logs from big trees: Has a big appetite for life, but can be rash and extravagant
  • Pedantic pile: Perfectionist, may be introverted
  • Collapsed pile: Weak will, poor judgement of priorities
  • Unfinished pile, some logs lying on the ground: Unstable, lazy, prone to drunkeness
  • Everything in a pile on the ground: Ignorance, decadence, laziness, drunkeness, possibly all of these
  • Old and new wood piled together: Be suspicious: might be stolen wood added to his own
  • Large and small logs piled together: Frugal. Kindling sneaked in among the logs suggests a considerate man
  • Rough, gnarled logs, hard to chop: Persistent and strong willed, or else bowed down by his burdens
  • No woodpile: No husband
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