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Zip codes, perks, and building fires


Life Hack 101: How to Start a Fire According to Sydney’s Firedoor Chef Lennox Hastie


Turns out, the "log cabin" construction - no matter where you are building a fire - is one of the most dependable log constructions we’ve ever used. It's so simple yet so versatile.

Chef's Table: BBQ (2020)


To get a taste for this series just watch the Official Trailer and you will be hooked. I absolutely devoured this short 4-episode masterpiece, especially the Lennox Hastie episode and his insane, 200+ day, dry-aged steaks.

Make Your Own (Almost) Pappy Van Winkle

Garden & Gun

Wish you had a glass of Pappy to sip around your fire pit? Try making you own and it you can't tell the difference, why does it matter? Plus, is Pappy really worth it? You tell me... If you like faking rare bourbon, check out the Sour Grapes documentary.

Product Updates

So Many Zip Codes. So Many Cities.

We are growing super fast and expanding our reach using a highly-vetted supplier network. We currently deliver to most of VA, all of DC, and Southern MD. We are serving over 1,000 zip codes!


Our loyalty program rewards you every time you order firewood. You'll get 5 points for every $1 spent and 100 points = $1 credit. Plus, you get a personal referral link you can share with friends and you both get a $20 credit when they order.

Book Recommendation

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way 


You will read this cookbook many times, cover-to-cover. Francis Mallmann is a James Beard Award Winning chef who "reinvents the art of cooking over fire." LLAMAWOOD started because of a trip to Patagonia, The Land of Fire, so it is only fitting that my first book recommendation comes from its most famous chef who teaches how to cook using seven different wood-fired techniques. These recipes are easily adaptable to the kitchen if you don't have a fire handy but here's to hoping we can help change that. His chimichurri recipe is worth it alone. Oh, and his ingredient list for cooking an entire cow is hilarious.

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